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Mr. Bradley gets emotional over the latest romantic dramas

Mr. Bradley gets emotional over the latest romantic dramas

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to catch up on some great movies. There are tons of very different romantic movies to watch and they are all worth it. If you’re looking for a real tear jerker, “The Notebook” is the movie for you. Starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, “The Notebook” will make most viewers cry because of its incredible portrayal of love between a couple during the World War II era. The ending might be the most depressing ending I’ve ever seen, but it’s also one of the best.

For those wanting more humor, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is hysterical. The movie follows Peter, played by Jason Segel, as he is recuperating from his recent breakup with Sarah, played by Kristen Bell. He decides to get away to a resort in Hawaii only to find out that his ex is staying with another man in the room next to him. The movie has a lot of funny scenes, and it’s one of my personal favorites of all time.

Another great romantic comedy is “When Harry Met Sally.” Starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the movie has countless memorable quotes and is also pretty heartwarming. Its a great flick for those wanting the best of both worlds.

By David Martos, Sports Editor ’14

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