Coale Couple

Coales Found Love in a Hopeless ‘Pace’

The Coales enjoy a candid moment (we swear) in front of the Knightly News.

The Coales enjoy a candid moment (we swear) in front of the Knightly News.

The Cunninghams, the Sommervilles, and the Halls are all great love stories within the Pace community. Now it’s time to add Jenni and Kevin Coale to that list. You would think that being with your spouse every day, all day long would get old quickly, but eighth grade history teacher Mr. Coale and Mrs. Coale, a member of the Admissions team and AP Art History teacher, manage to make it work.

As I sat down with these two love birds, I couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between them along with their perfectly coordinated outfits. My first inquiry was a cliche question but one that I knew the readers of The Knightly News were very curious to know: how did the two meet? Mr. Coale said that he used to frequent the local University of Virginia campus Mellow Mushroom where Mrs. Coale was a waitress, to check out the pizza along with a certain staff member, but she doesn’t buy this tall tale.

The REAL story takes place in the sweeping background of Valencia, Spain — an exotic location with the power to draw even the most unlikely of pairs together. Mr. Coale said that he went to Spain hoping to find a “Spanish lady” to make him paella all day long but “found better” when he fell in love with Mrs. Coale in a sea of sweaty salsa dancers and blaring music. It was at baggage claim on their return trip that the pair decided to “determine the relationship.” Obviously, the relationship was determined to continue, otherwise I would not be sitting with this trendy duo to interview them.

Where can these two be found on the weekends? When they aren’t doing hot yoga together or walking their dog, Rocky, you can find them at Holman and Fitch (as opposed to Mrs. Coale’s cooking) enjoying a nice glass of wine and a shared dish of their gourmet macaroni. If you were wondering what these two listen to on their way to school, you may be shocked to learn that Mr. Coale listens to Garth Brooks and Tupac, Mrs. Coale enjoys Man Morrison and Widespread, and they both share a love for NPR. As you read this you are probably asking yourself, “Is there anything wrong in this perfect marriage?!” Their answer? Yes. Mrs. Coale cannot stand it when her husband doesn’t do yard work or his agoraphobia (fear of the world) kicks in, which affects their social calendar quite a bit. Mr. Coale, too, has pet peeves with his wife, one of which is her odd pattern of leaving a freshly brewed espresso long enough for it to get cold and then complain how she can’t drink it anymore, something she does almost every morning. Mrs. Coale also tends to commence household projects at 12:00… at night, making Mr. Coale help her clean the fridge, iron her underwear, and wash the dog.

These sound like problems that all of us face either now or soon will, and the Coales are here to offer you their advice regarding relationships when the going gets tough. Mr. Coale said, “Stop looking for what you’re trying to find [his Spanish lady]” and Mrs. Coale said, “Remember to be nice to each other; we take it for granted.” Advice for Valentines Day? Mr. Coale could not be more adamant about “not forgetting the day. You’re never going to regret overdoing a holiday.” Sound advice from an experienced couple.

By Wylie Heiner, Opinion Editor ’14

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