Overheard Around Pace

KN Listens In on Pace Classes

While many students slip into the monotony of high school, every now and again a comment is made in class that can make you smile on those seemingly never-ending days. The following is a compilation of some of those special one-liners said in various classes. While taken out of context, their amusing randomness and ludicrous implications can make you laugh at the absurd goings-on in Pace classes. You can only wonder what touring families think when they walk past a classroom and hear what is said.

  • “I’m about to go Garden of Eden on this.”
  • “We are talking about vans and skin suits, what else would I be referencing?”
  • “North Korea discovered unicorns.”
  • “His papers always smell like maple syrup and cigars.”
  • “God created Google!”
  • “I came in second place twice. I’m a winner.”
  • “How was I supposed to know Mary was Madonna? I’m Jewish.”
  • “What did the acorn say when it grew up?” — “Gee-I’m-a-tree”
  • “Don’t bring Newman into this!”
  • “We do not surrender, we are not the French.”
  • “Back-to-back World War champions, U.S.A.!”
  • “We always knew Lovett was evil; they took it from Amerindians.”
  • “You all just don’t appreciate my humor.”
  • “Never underestimate an Irish man in a fight.”
  • “Can I get my name on a plaque for beating Kal?”
  • “I forgot to jump off the log.”
  • “I want everyone to recognize the stupid person in the room. Look, it’s the stupid person.”
  • “He is no chain yanker.”
  • “Well, how many Ivy League students are in your math class?”
  • “That’s like saying, you should murder someone because you don’t want to be murdered, so start murdering.”
  • “How may wops should I put in before the woombs?”

By Hayley Silverstein, News Editor ’14

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