Most Elgible Bachelor

Most Eligible Bachelor: Kumar the Superstar

Bachelor Jay Kumar lounges in Inman during a typical 10-minute break.

Looking for a date for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to settle for any old fellow? Well ladies, look no further than Pace Academy’s most eligible bachelor: tennis phenomenon and Latin wiz, junior Jay Kumar (also known as Kumar the Superstar). Want to learn about this perfect catch? Just look into a few of his hobbies. Jay claims that in his free time he likes to “play tennis, watch sports, and flirt with the ladies,” and that his favorite subject in school is Love and Philosophy, taught by Dr. Brubaker. This genius/athlete/playboy also has a soft side. Jay’s favorite way to spend a Saturday is “working at the puppy rescue center” and his favorite movie of all time is “The Notebook.” “It makes me cry every time,” said Jay.

This Valentine’s Day, Jay is planning on passing out twelve roses to his twelve favorite women, but if you are the lucky lady that wins Jay’s heart, he already has a special night in mind. “I will pick up my date in a white stretch limo,” said Jay as he described his dream date. “Then the driver drops us off at the classiest joint in town: Chuck E. Cheese. After a fantastic evening of skee-ball and partying with Chuck E. the Mouse, I make sure to drop her back home before 8 p.m.” If this date is how you dream of spending your V-Day, or if this quick description of bachelor Jay Kumar makes you swoon, then hurry up and snag him before somebody else does. However, Jay does have one specific requirement for his significant other: “If you’re not National Merit – forget about it.”


By Riley Muse, Staff Writer ’14

Photo: Riley Muse

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