Gun Control

Right to Own Guns an Unnecessary Evil

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The Constitution’s Second Amendment, ratified in 1791, says that it is legal to own a gun for those serving in a militia. Last time I checked, it isn’t 1791, militias no longer exist, there is no fear of a British invasion, and the only reason to own a gun is to protect yourself from those who own guns. Although a 2008 Supreme Court case protects the rights of individual gun owners outside of service in a militia, the right to own guns is an unnecessary evil.

This topic, made even more relevant by the recent Newtown shooting, is controversial for many reasons. Those who justify gun ownership by saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” think that a simple background check on someone who purchases a gun is sufficient safety. However, someone can acquire a gun illegally or get a friend to buy it, and one can snap and go on a mass shooting after having purchased the gun in the past. There is nothing stopping someone who owns a gun from killing innocent people. Given that “people kill people,” giving them guns doesn’t help the situation. The simple solution to stop shootings is to stop giving people something to shoot with. For those who argue that guns are for safety, I believe that pepper spray will suffice, and if not, the police should be called.

By giving someone the right to own a gun, you are giving a person the power to kill, which I believe no ordinary civilian should have. Ownership of guns should be made illegal, because they do more harm than good, and they only inflame the situation. Those who worry for their safety are threatened by people who can kill them, such as someone owning a gun, so in response they acquire a gun, which can lead to a much worse situation. To quote “Spiderman,” “With great power comes great responsibility,” and sadly a large percentage of America, and the rest of the world for that matter, are not responsible enough to be entrusted with the power to kill someone. Simply knowing that anyone on the street can have a gun on them and be able to shoot you within the minute only makes the world a scarier place.

There have been numerous programs where the government, in exchange for guns, gives out food, money, or other items. These programs have been successful, because guns are unimportant compared to the things needed to live and support families. Gun control needs to be addressed by the government in order to stop shootings, as seen in Newtown, and the myriad other gun-related deaths that go unnoticed by the public.

By Hayley Silverstein, News Editor ’14

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