The End of the World Is (Possibly) Imminent

If the Mayan calendar turns out to be correct, Pace students will spend their last day taking a math final!

It was an ordinary Wednesday morning. I rushed down I-75 North to get school by the 8 a.m. assembly time, and the tedious Nickleback song “If Today Was Your Last Day” began to play on the radio. Just as I was about to change stations to avoid the crooning, it suddenly hit me: What if Dec. 21, 2012 is my last day on Earth? And I spend it taking my Precalculus Honors exam? Shouldn’t I be sky diving, or rocky mountain climbing? Or going 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu? It got me thinking, if today really was my last day, what would I spend it doing?

When The Knightly News staff asked the student body how they would spend their last 24 hours, we received various answers. Some responses included travel, as students chose to live the day in places other than the ATL. Junior Symone Sommerville said, “I would go to Hawaii because I’ve always wanted to go there.” Sophomore Caillin Cooke decided she would go to the “British Virgin Islands, stay on a sailboat, and spend the day on the beach with all my friends.” Some approached the end of the world with a bit more sentimentality, making sure that their last day is lived with purpose. For example, junior Jordan Brown would “say goodbye to the people I love, get the woman of my dreams, and listen to music under the stars.” Junior John Morrison said, “I’d wake up early and spend the day with my favorite people doing the things I like best.”

Freshman James Sadlo took an alternative approach to the end of the world, saying, “I’d sit in my house and frown at the marauding zombies…or pack for my moon mission in the morning.” Other responses included freshman Lindsey Sample choosing to “snuggle” with her cat and junior Katie Lucke opting to “eat food the whole day.” But no matter how you choose to live your (possible) last day — after the math exam of course — whether it’s being with loved ones or eating your favorite foods, make sure to “Carpe diem!” and “Live like you’re dying!” and all of those other cheesy song lyrics and inspirational quotes you find on posters in children’s classrooms. Evidence suggests that we have nothing to worry about, as Mayans didn’t include leap years, the last “end of the world” didn’t actually happen, etc. But just in case it does, have a plan in mind. If you can’t come up with anything exciting, you can always turn to senior Caroline Powers who said, “I would throw a party and invite the whole world!”

By Riley Muse, Staff Writer ’14

Photo: Riley Muse

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