Sophomores Zachary Kerker and Tanner Lewis along with junior Kenneth Foote-Smith shoot video for their most recent project in Intro to Video.

Unknown to many in our community, Pace’s videography program, led by computer mastermind Matt Walker, has become a jewel of the arts program at Pace. The videography program first began six years ago as a club in the Middle School under the leadership of Mr. Walker and Mrs. Van Vliet, and this year is the inaugural year of the higher level videography course in the Upper School.

Mr. Walker first became interested in bringing videography to the high school when he saw the large number of clubs and organizations that were interested in producing video to promote their cause. With this in mind, Mr. Walker first taught Intro to Videography in 2009, and the class was originally accepted well. Since then, enrollment has continued to increase every year it has been offered. Mr. Walker explained, “In Video I, the emphasis is on shooting and how different types of shots and angles can be used to achieve a desired effect.” Many students enjoy the class because of the freedom that they have while working on their projects. Sophomore Josh Blank said, “We get to shoot video and edit on our own schedule as long as we complete our videos on time.”

This year, students who have already taken Intro to Video will be able to further their mastery of video production by taking Videography II, which will be offered during the second semester. While Intro to Video focuses on shooting video, Videography II will focus more on editing techniques in post-production. Many students are eager to take this higher level videography class due to their great experiences with Intro to Video. When asked why he decided to take the class, senior Djibril Diakite immediately replied, “Big Dubs (the affectionate nickname given to Mr. Walker) is the best!”

By Aaron Wasserman, Staff Writer ’14

Photo: Aaron Wasserman

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