Junior Bobby Stonecipher laments the new rule.

A new rule instituted by Pace administration that restricts Pace students from playing volleyball in Inman during their free periods has the student population in an uproar. Sophomore Zachary Kerker exclaimed, “The lack of volleyball is preposterous and astounding. This is outrageous and the rule is a restriction of students’ rights.” Zachary is not alone in his stance on this matter, and since the announcement of the rule earlier this year, some students have been very vocal about this issue. Junior Bobby Stonecipher said, “Not having volleyball is against our Constitution. We deserve to have the freedom to act however we want.”

Although students are strongly opposed to the new rule, it is evident why it was put into place. Upper School dean of students Matt Hall said,”There are times when it is appropriate for Pace students to enjoy their free time within the school. But during their free periods students seemed to abuse that time often. Instead, they should be focusing on studying. Not only is the volleyball playing sometimes innapropriate, it is also lacks supervision.”

Regardless of the rule’s intentions, students believe that the faculty has begun to think of the students as if they are irresponsible and as if they are slackers. Junior Carter Draughon said, “The school rules aren’t letting us use our time as we please. They are trying to regulate what I do in my free time when really I should be able to do what I want. I can handle my workload outside of my free periods, and the interference from the school is a little bit absurd.” With opposition running so high, many students cannot foresee a future where Pace faculty members institute other rulings that limit what students do in their free time.

By Josh Sloan, Staff Writer ’14

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