Seniors Katja Martin and Georgia Tse are thankful for technology.

Standing up in front of your entire extended family and reciting all the things you are thankful for in your life while the smell of warm delicious turkey makes your mouth water is one of the most common and most dreaded Thanksgiving traditions. Most people rush though their speeches so that they can sit down and eat all that wonderful food waiting in front of them. The students and faculty and Pace Academy have plenty to be thankful for, even when it isn’t turkey day. Some students said that they were thankful for family and friends, like senior Maryse Lapu, who said “I’m glad that I get to spend alot of time with my family before I leave for college.” Sophomore Ella Phillips said that she was appreciative of her friends and her dogs. English teacher Bailey Player said, “I am thankful for my job, I’m very thankful that I get to work at this school and teach all the students here.” Senior Taylor Schofield said, upon seeing a quarter on the ground, exclaimed, “I’m thankful for that quarter!” “I am thankful that it’s senior year and that I’m almost done with high school”, said senior Georgia Tse, as she feverishly finished her math homework while surrounded by college application papers. 12th grade dean Mr. Hattori said, “I’m thankful for my new child and I hope that it is healthy. That’s pretty much all I’m looking forward to.” Junior Ally Jones said, “I am thankful for my family, my friends, my car, and for cupcakes.”

By Natalie Camrud ’13, Editor-in-Chief

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