Junior Osei Avril in the weight room.

A high-energy Pace weight room has led the way for athletes to reach new heights in their respective sports. New equipment additions and new workout strategies have inspired athletes this year to work harder to achieve better fitness results. Strength and conditioning coordinator Clement Rouviere said, “Some things were changed up this year. Better warm-ups and better drills make better teams, so this year I tried to make the warm-ups better.” Along with new methods of training, new weightlifting mats were installed in all but two of the weightlifting platforms, and recovery drinks have been helping athletes with their nutrition and recovery from workouts since this summer. Senior Reid Williams said that the protein drinks “taste like smiles and rainbows.

Athletes this year are also increasing their intensity in order to become better players for their sports. Part of this new work hard mentality is due to Clement’s high expectations and coaching expertise. Clement said, “I can’t guarantee wins, but I can try to guarantee high levels of effort. I expect the commitment of my players to be high and I expect them to be focused. It takes no talent to work hard, so this is important in an athlete.” Players such as junior Carter Draughon are turning it up because they want to have better seasons this year. Carter said, “Hard work is directly correlated with success, in my opinion. By working harder in the weight room this year I am making myself better.” From this hard work, athletes are getting stronger and hoping that their efforts pay off. Senior Adam Ellender exclaimed, “After a two-hour workout I love the feeling of the cool air on my swole muscles.” Senior Tommy Hoff agreed, saying, “The energy from the weight room makes me come alive. The great results that I get are what matter a lot to me. Lifting weights is the first step towards being physically fit and living a better life.”

By Josh Sloan, Staff Writer ’14

Photo: Josh Sloan

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