Mr. Whyte traveled to Glacier National Park in Montana in mid-August, right before school started.

Augustine Whyte. He was born and raised in Tampa, Fla., attended a private high school where he did a number of sports, attended Williams College where he continued his wrestling career, and after graduating college, began teaching. Most students are already familiar with this information, but let’s dig deeper and get a better feeling for his private past.

While Mr. Whyte was in Tampa, he ran cross country and track and did wrestling. However, he originally wanted to play football and baseball; he was just too small of an athlete to make the teams. On the other hand, he was able to make the varsity track and cross country teams, and ended up being quite good. Due to his size, he was targeted by the wrestling coach because they needed a 103-pounder on the team. He started off the season rough with a record of 0-16, but continued to spend his summers going to tournaments, eventually progressing to a senior record of 30-0. He kept up with his talent in college, earning a starting spot halfway through his first season at 157 lbs. Mr. Whyte dominated the wrestling program during his time at Williams. He was captain his third and fourth year, and was all conference twice.

Post college, Mr. Whyte began teaching math at The Salisbury School in Connecticut. He was a teacher, coach, and dorm parent at the all-boys school for four years. While he enjoyed it, he missed the South and city. The timing couldn’t have been better because Pace needed a new math teacher at the same time he was looking around. He feels fortunate to be at a school which has a close knit community and is in a major Southern city. One thing he misses, though, is the close proximity to a beach. Growing up in Florida, he had access to the wonderful Gulf Coast where the weather was ideal. He plays around with the idea of ending back in Tampa one day.

Mr. Whyte has always enjoyed music. When he was in high school, he tried to go to as many concerts as possible, but with his tight schedule it was difficult. In addition, he didn’t have a car and usually needed a ride. One of the benefits of living in Atlanta now is the great music venues, and all the bands that stop through. Students commonly run into him at concerts and have also been known to run into him at sporting events every now and then. Following sports teams is another activity that Mr. Whyte has always enjoyed. in high school he had season tickets to Tampa’s NFL team, the Buccaneers. You may even spot him supporting his home team by wearing a Buccaneers tie one day.

Mr. Whyte still enjoys most of the things he liked in high school. He still enjoys running, trying to run 30 miles a week; he still enjoys live music, and he still enjoys the beach and spending time outside. Turns out that the teacher, coach, and friend we have all become familiar with hasn’t changed much from his younger days, and maybe that’s why it’s so easy for students to get along with him.

By Sallie Hays, Staff Writer ’13

Photo: Gus Whyte

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