Atlanta Falcons Flying High

The Dirty Birds are finally “rising up” and reaching their full potential. For the first time in franchise history they have started 6-0, and they are the last team in the entire NFL to still be undefeated. The Falcons have won using a great passing attack led by quarterback Matt “Ice” Ryan, accompanied by a surprisingly elite and ferocious defense, led by defensive end John Abraham and safety Thomas Decoud. Atlanta fans are ecstatic over the performance of their favorite birds, including Pace Academy students. Junior Sam Downey optimistically believes that “the Falcons are going 16-0, and winning the Super Bowl.” Junior Harrison Halberg is more realistic, saying, “I don’t like how they have played the past couple of weeks, and the Falcons will lose about one to two games after the bye week; but I am really excited about their chances this year.” The only weakness on the Falcons’ roster has to be their offensive line, which has been unable to create running lanes for running back Michael Turner.

Fans have been disappointed with Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ performance in the playoffs the past two years. However, if there was ever a time to be hopeful, it should be this year. The Dirty Birds will easily cruise their way into the playoffs because of how surprisingly pitiful the rest of the division has been, particularly the New Orleans Saints. Their strong start will help them rest their starters down the stretch in order to stay fresh and healthy. The Falcons are primed for a strong playoff performance. Their defense has been superb, and their offense at times has looked unstoppable. This will be the year that Matt Ryan will at least win his first playoff game.

By David Martos ’14, Staff Writer

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