If you are a pizza lover, then I have the place for you! Antico Pizza is a family-run Italian restaurant only 15 minutes away from Pace Academy on Hemphill Ave. near Georgia Tech. Everything about this restaurant is unique. It has no separate seating, only communal, family-style picnic tables. It also has no kitchen! The picnic tables face three enormous pizza ovens that pump out delicious pizza. Everything is homemade, including the dough. The flour that they use originates from Cimiltie, Italy, just outside of Naples. This is also the original home of the Di Palma family, who owns the restaurant.

The only downside to this restaurant is the wait, which on Saturday nights can be up to an hour. Once seated, though, the food comes out almost immediately. This is a plate optional restaurant, as the pizza is served on the same tray that it was cooked on. A personal favorite of mine is the San Gennaro, which is topped with salsiccia, sweet red peppers, bufala, and cipolline. The pizzas are classic Italian-style with a soft but thick crust on the edges.

The pies are cooked when the order is placed so you will actually have to wait a little for them to cool down. Every pizza is the same size, and one pizza will feed one person and leave enough for lunch the next day. Although it is on the expensive side, the price is well worth it. Plus for dessert, you can enjoy a delicious homemade cannoli, which, for those who don’t know, is fried dough with cream inside. Overall, I highly recommend checking this place out at least once. Just make sure you get there early, because they don’t take reservations.


By Max Greenberg, Sports Editor ’14

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