VP Debate Leaves Voters Puzzled

Last week, the two vice presidential candidates, Joe Biden (D) and Paul Ryan (R), squared off for their only debate. The event left many voters undecided, in stark contrast to the previous debate that rallied many to the side of the Romney campaign.

Many people agreed that Biden’s strong points and confident spirit won him the debate, as he trampled over Ryan continuously on a variety of topics. However, Biden’s sneers and interruptions presented him in a harsh light, as he completely disrespected Ryan and appeared to be quite rude.

Ryan, on the other hand, was extremely respectful, but allowed Biden to disrupt his train of thought. Therefore, he seemed to be weak, and had to be defensive rather than offensive.

By the end of the debate, however, there was no clear winner. Though each party claims that their candidate won, in actuality neither one convinced independents that they should swing one way or another. With the large numbers of independents in this election, the pressure is growing for both Obama and Romney to perform well during the next debate, taking place tonight from 9-10:30 p.m.

by Dean Papastrat, Tech/Web Editor ’15

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