Sophomores & Juniors Prepare For PSATs

Sophomore Jack Spencer takes a PSAT practice test.

This Wednesday, juniors and sophomores will sit down at the grey, rectangular tables on the Inman Center floor and take one of many standardized tests required during their high school career. Last week, many English and math teachers spent part of their classes on PSAT prep, working to reinforce previously taught concepts that would be tested.

PSATs are indicators of how well a student could do on the SAT, as well as a tool for selecting National Merit Scholars. Though not as important as the SAT or ACT, it still reflects on a student’s academic ability, and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, if you are taking the test, make sure to follow all of the standard test-taking guidelines ahead of time:

  • Relax and de-stress the night before
  • Get a good night’s sleep (8 hours minimum, 9+ recommended)
  • Eat a healthy breakfast (oatmeal, eggs, etc.)
  • Start your day with a positive attitude

by Dean Papastrat ’15, Tech/Web Editor

Photo: Dean Papastrat

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