Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hello everyone who looks at this website! I am Dean Papastrat, the webmaster for the Knightly News. I just wanted to show you the fantastic new features that were put in over the past week, while the website

  • We set up a new domain
  • Our Twitter account received a new header image
  • New header navigation: find out more about the Knightly News, or contact us; the staff area is now located up here
  • By removing the staff login from below, we had space for more widgets in the footer of the site, including the archives, KnightLife sites, and recent posts
  • A password-protected staff area was added for easy web editing by the writers
  • Custom navigation was introduced, though it is only available to staff right now
  • Polling plugins were added
  • Forms were added to special posts
  • Interactive photo galleries were added to the most recent sports post
  • The “What’s Your Take” header was changed to “Opinion” (saves space)
  • Upcoming sites are now located in the sidebar
  • Weather makes its debut in the sidebar
  • The sports and campaign 2012 sections were spruced up, featuring custom sidebars, a new way to view posts, and more
  • The plugins that allowed the website to go into “Maintenance Mode” were added
  • A new sub-section was added to sports, called “Wilson’s Corner”
  • Full issues were posted and given a space on the navigation bar
  • Weekly Webbies were introduced, a summary of the week’s web stories in a newspaper-ish layout
  • A new category was added to help select content for the slideshow on the home page
  • The number of articles on the home page was lessened to reduce clutter
  • In the future, web content will be released daily, as long as school is in session that day
  • In the future, you will be able to see all of the articles written by a particular staff member (beta)
  • In the future, the actual staff names will be shown as having written the article, rather than the webmaster (back-end update)

With all of these new features, we are excited to release the updated Knightly News website, and hope that you like it too.

Questions or comments about the new site should be directed towards Dean Papastrat.

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