For many years now, the Pace Academy Pick-Up Basketball Association has met every Friday morning. For all this time, PAPUBA has held a monopoly over early morning pick-up sports. Now, this is all changing.

Controversy arose when junior Kenny Selmon announced the founding of a new association for early morning volleyball. Kenny and his new early morning organization, PAPUVA, met strong opposition by PAPUBA regular Jonathan Day. In an uproar, Mr. Day demanded the disbandment of PAPUVA, claiming infringement upon the name and idea of PAPUBA. Mr. Day eventually won out, and PAPUVA was forced to move to Thursday and change its name, becoming Thursday Morning Volleyball (TMV).

The sudden arrival of TMV came as a surprise to PAPUBA participants, who have stood uncontested for the past 12 years. Current commissioner Jason Smith and former Pace English teacher Tim Plaehn began PAPUBA sometime around the 2000-2001 school year. One key way that Mr. Smith has brewed hype about PAPUBA is through exciting emails with riddles and jokes about attendees. Over the years PAPUBA maintained relatively consistent participation. However, with the arrival of the very competitive Fortier brothers, attendance has spiked. The students love playing alongside their teachers, creating intense competition. When asked to name the best player, junior Armani Lashley said, “definitely Mr. Ballard. Mr. Ballard, he’s the next MJ, phenomenal athlete! Have you seen his footwork? Have you seen him dunk?!” Armani is one of several students who regularly attend, but what really makes PAPUBA unique is that even alumni attend. Mr. Smith reported that recent Pace graduates Kaitlyn Dinkins ’11 and Billy Selmon ’11 have been spotted playing.

Thursday Morning Volleyball is the brainchild of Kenny Selmon. Kenny’s volleyball experience began with his playing volleyball during recess in middle school. As his interest in the sport increased, Kenny began helping out during varsity volleyball practice. Now the team manager along with junior Tripp Conrad, Kenny is very dedicated to the sport. When asked about his inspiration for TMV, he said, “The idea was confirmed when they took away volleyball during free periods.” Having only met five times as of Sept. 25, TMV already averages ten people in attendance.

Despite PAPUBA’s long history, the recent arrival of TMV may pose problems. Junior Wilson Crisler, who has participated in both PAPUBA and TMV, said he actually prefers TMV, calling it “amazing.” As the year goes on, Pace students will see how this rivalry develops. Kenny has already challenged the PAPUBA crew to a volleyball and basketball match. There have already been some nasty emails exchanged, so be sure to check your US News and Announcements regularly to see how this rivalry develops.

By Sam Rubenstein, Staff Writer ’14

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