First it was fro-yo, then it was cupcakes, and now…doughnuts? The novelty doughnut shop trend is beginning to take Atlanta by storm. One place in particular has customers swarming: Sublime Doughnuts in Midtown. Intrigued and hungry, I decided to investigate.

Hidden in a shopping center near Georgia Tech between a convenience store and an empty restaurant lot, Sublime Doughnuts doesn’t look like much. However, the second I walked through the door, the warm aroma of coffee and baking bread made up for the lackluster streetview. The back wall displayed a mosaic of over 30 varieties of doughnuts, inducing a Pavlovian response in me. Sublime’s menu features a doughnut for any mood: sweet or savory. My favorites in the sweet category are the Fresh Strawberry ‘N Cream, Raspberry Filled Heart, Oreo Ice Cream Burger (two donuts with Oreo ice cream in between), and Nutella doughnuts. As for the savory category, the Maple Cheddar Bacon and Reduced Balsamic Vinaigrette doughnuts were unique to say the least. Though certainly not your typical doughnut eating experience, the savory donuts were equally as delicious as the sweet ones, just a little different.

Aside from the interesting flavors tucked inside the store, Sublime Doughnuts has an equally intriguing history. Sublime has been an Atlanta staple for the last 40 years. Head chef Kamal Grant is an Atlanta native who graduated from Marietta High School. Grant’s love for baking started at a young age when he realized that his baking made people happy. After graduating high school, Grant joined the U.S. Navy and was stationed on a ship based in San Diego. He gained popularity among his shipmates by baking cinnamon rolls for the crew. Grant’s experience traveling the world in the Navy influenced his eclectic baking style by being exposed to unique flavors in places like Dubai, Singapore, and Australia. After his service in the Navy, Grant refined his culinary skills at the Culinary Institute of America. After a series of all baking-related jobs, he opened Sublime Doughnuts at 535 Tenth St. in 1972, and has been making his customers happy ever since.

By Annie Armstrong, Features Editor ’13

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