Students in the Inman Center who are not using their time efficiently find themselves doing a variety of random activities during their free periods. An informal survey was conducted in which 60 Pace students

Junior Emilia Tripodi doesn’t get much studying done in Inman.

were questioned about how they spend their time when they are not attending class. Students who weren’t studying reported that they preferred to either listen to music, play games on their phones, eat items purchased at the snack bar, or talk with friends. These always available options create formidable walls that prevent students from actually being efficient with their time while in Inman. In the library there is a very mellow environment for conscientious students to continue with their studies in peace. Meanwhile, in the midst of procrastination-infested Inman Center, junior Wilson Crisler said, “I could study, or I could just sit here and talk to my friends.” Wilson is not the only person to fall prey to the Inman Center’s temptations. Of all 60 surveyed students, 46 of them said they engaged in activities other than studying while in Inman.

While studying has increasingly become less associated with Inman, many students have also begun to study less during their free periods in general. Popular phone apps like Dragonville and commonly purchased foods such as muffins have begun to occupy the students’ time. Junior Tripp Conrad said, “playing Dragonville is so easy and it’s just fun to do. So, of course, I think of it as a better activity than studying.” Free periods are not guaranteed to be unproductive, though, because less distracting areas on the Pace campus exist, and studying does happen in those areas.

By Joshua Sloan, Staff Writer ’14

Photo: Joshua Sloan

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