Knightly News: So, Joey, tell me about your activities.
Joey Capelouto: Well, I’m very busy. I’m the lead in the play, I am a service leader for Trinity, I am the captain of the water polo team (we need fans), I am the Student Council vice president, and I’ve got a girlfriend, which counts as an extracurricular.
KN: (laughs) Like an activity?
JC: Yes, it really is, because we text all day and I get really distracted from doing homework.
KN: She doesn’t go to Pace, does she?
JC: No she goes to Westminster.
KN: Gross.
JC: Yeah, I know.
KN: So, you’re in the play. Do you enjoy it?
JC: Yeah, it’s really fun. I sorta miss dancing, because last year I spent more time dancing and this year I just sing a lot.
KN: Well, do you like singing?
JC: Yeah, I love singing. I’m the Chorus vice president, actually. I forgot to mention that earlier. I really love singing, but when someone sings something wrong, I get so mad.
KN: Do you correct them?
JC: I don’t just correct them, I make them feel like an idiot, and people hate me for it, but that’s just how I live, man.
KN: So, how are you handling senior year so far?
JC: Not well at all. My problem is that I didn’t go on any college trips last year and now I’m stressing because I need to figure out where I want to go and I haven’t even visited any small schools or anything.
KN: So, you need to see some small schools.
JC: And I need to see big schools and everything.
KN: Do you have a first choice for college?
JC: Tulane’s the only school I’ve seen, so that’s all I know.
KN: You need to expand your horizons.
JC: (laughs) I know, it’s just because I’m lazy and I do a lot of stuff, I don’t have any time.
KN: OK, so if you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
JC: Oh lord, dinner with any historical figure?
KN Anyone who’s dead — how’s that?
JC: It has to be a real person?
KN: If it was someone fictional, who would you choose?
JC: If it was fictional, probably the Monopoly man, because I feel that he’s very classy, and he has lots of money and it’s always good to know someone like that, but at the same time he’s the Monopoly man. It’s too hard to choose a historical figure. There’s just too many good ones, you know?
KN: (laughs) Yeah, I know. So, any pets?
JC: Yeah, a dog. She’s pretty crazy.
KN: What’s her name?
JC: Lexi, L-E-X-I.
KN: I figured that’s how you spell it. What kind of dog is she?
JC: A Cockapoo.
KN: A Cockapoo? What is that?
JC: It’s a Cocker Spaniel, Poodle mix.
KN: Oh, that sounds cute.
JC: Yeah, we wrestle.
KN: Aww…
JC: It’s not cute, it’s rough.
KN: It’s rough?
JC: Yes, with my Cockapoo.
KN: (laughs) OK, well, what is your favorite class this year?
JC: Ummm, nope, nope, I don’t know.
KN: Nope?
JC: What was the question? Oh, yeah, probably Music Theory. It’s actually really interesting.
KN: Any words of wisdom before we finish?
JC: We’re almost done? I feel like I wasn’t very interesting.
KN: Don’t worry, you were fascinating.
JC: Why, thank you.
KN: Anything to say to your fellow students? Any advice?
JC: Make sure to do plenty of college visits, and don’t be intimidated to talk to people and ask questions, and definitely don’t be lazy.

By Natalie Camrud, Co-Editor-in-Chief ’13

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