Each football season the Pace cheerleaders excite and energize the crowd during games, while the football team continues to make big plays on the field. Junior William Rushton said, “The cheerleaders are the crowd’s motivators; they make the game more exciting, and they pump everyone up.” The success of the cheerleading squad is well-deserved, according to cheerleader and junior Caroline Draughon. She said, “This year we have really worked hard, and we have really come together as a squad. It is great to see everyone getting so hyped up during a Pace football game, and I love being a cheerleader because it makes me one of the causes of that excitement.” She added, “We are always working to get better as a squad, and we will just have to wait and see if we can continue to improve throughout the year.”

Although many believe that the cheerleaders are very important to the Pace football season, junior Eda Calapkulu said that “the Pace cheerleaders should be appreciated more than they are because they work so hard.” Freshman cheerleader Sydney Sommerville disagreed, saying, “I would not change a thing about cheerleading. It is my first year, and I absolutely love what we do. I think many recognize that we are really big crowd entertainers.”

The cheerleading squad has increased their numbers this upcoming year by initiating a three-squad system for the first time. This year there is a varsity squad, a varsity alternate squad, and a JV squad. Senior Kate Cunningham and Junior Symone Sommerville are the two varsity captains for this upcoming year. When asked who they look up to, both Caroline and Sydney responded with the names of two people: Kate and Symone. Under a new, efficient squad system and admired leadership the cheerleading squad looks to take steps to become even better in the future.

By Joshua Sloan, Staff Writer ’14

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