On Sept. 10, Pace’s annual club fair welcomed a host of clubs, new and old. From trivia nights to sailing, and baking to raising spirit at basketball games, Pace is filled to the brim with distinctive clubs.

Robotics Club leaders talk to sophomore Bob LeBow about their contraption.

Sophomores Hannah Kelly and Lacey O’Sullivan started the new club, Trivia Knights, after an unsatisfactory experience with the old trivia club, Quiz Net. The Trivia Knights club will go as a group to restaurants on trivia nights, along with faculty sponsor Mr. Smith. Hannah said, “Going to trivia night with Trivia Knights will be the time of your life, and knowing useless information is the best thing since sliced bread.” Lacey encouraged everyone to join their club because “it’s never too late, and it will be the bomb.com, you bet.net.”

The Sailing Club began last year, created by sophomores Caillin Cooke and Hajo Smulders. Caillin and Hajo, both long time sailors, will teach students how to sail at Lake Lanier. Caillin and Hajo’s goal is to ultimately form a sailing team to compete against other high schools. Caillin said, “I definitely encourage everyone to join, even if they don’t know how. It’s a great way to learn something new and have fun on the water.” The 53 members of the sailing club will start with the basics, learning the parts of the boat and the essentials of sailing at the beginning of the year, and then move on to real sailing and racing.

The Baking for Breast Cancer club, started by seniors Zach Steinfeld and Jenna Blumenthal two years ago, had a staggering 125 people sign up this year. In ninth grade, Jenna and Zach had “brownie offs” in math class. They realized that if everyone loved their brownies, they might as well sell them, “and if we were going to sell them, why not sell them for a good cause?” said Jenna. Zach said, “Some of my mom’s relatives had breast cancer, and it was sort of trendy, so I just hopped on the bandwagon.” Members of Baking for Breast Cancer bring in baked goods for monthly sales and volunteer to work at sales in their free periods. After the first two years, the club made $7,433. Zach’s goal is to make $12,000 dollars total for the National Breast Cancer Foundation by the end of this year.

The Knights of the Round Table is a club started by seniors Adam Ellender, David Weiner, and Miles Sheft to encourage student participation and attendance at sporting events, particularly varsity basketball games. Miles invented the idea for the club and presented it to Adam, David, and their faculty sponsor Mr. Canfield. Adam said, “We realized we needed more energy in our student section for the basketball games, and I’m excited to make the student section the best it can be… and the loudest.” The three have already come up with ideas for organized cheers and chants as well as themed dress nights.

By Julia Beck, Staff Writer ’15

Photo credit: Lee Wilson

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