New ninth grade dean Brooks Fleming seems to be adjusting well to his new office; he already has a ton of books on his top shelf, which is fitting since he’s an English teacher, and some pictures on the walls of the office in dean’s hall, an improvement from the tiny office he shared in the corner of the library last year. Mr. Fleming was chosen to be the dean of the freshman class last year after going through a formal and rigorous application process that included going through countless interviews with administrators, teachers, deans, and parents.

Freshman Ethan Schneider gets help from Mr. Fleming.

When asked about why he wanted the position, he said, “It’s getting to know the students on a whole other level which I like. I feel privileged to be working with the people in dean’s hall.” Mr. Fleming is in charge of 115 freshmen, the largest class to ever come through the Upper School. He will have to help the Class of 2016 navigate the journey first to the trailers and then to a completely new high school building. “We’re all in this together,” he said. The most important responsibilities of his deanship are, according to Mr. Fleming, helping the students with the “whole high school process” and staying in constant communication with parents.

In addition to being a dean and an English teacher, he coaches football and soccer. His schedule is very busy, but he said that his wife understands completely. Mr. Fleming is probably most well known for his golden retriever puppy, Champ, who he brings to school from time to time, much to the delight of students. When asked if he has had any embarrassing moments as dean yet, he laughed. “Not yet”, he said, “but we’ll see.”

By Natalie Camrud, Co Editor in Chief ’13

Photo: Natalie Camrud

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