This school year, a new fashion persona is taking the South by storm: the prepster. A person whose style falls under the category of “preppy” wears, but isn’t limited to, Lily Pulitzer, Polo, Jack Rogers, Lacoste, Tory Burch, and Southern Tide. Accessories include croakies, pearl jewelry, and Sperries without socks. Female prepsters are also known to have an excessive infatuation with monogramming personal items. The preppy fad also creeped into the Class of 2013’s first-day-of-school T-shirts, with the words “Southern Proper,” a popular prepster brand, written on the back. “I actually bought most of my clothing from the original Vineyard Vines store in Georgia,” fashion aficionado and junior Sam Rubenstein proudly said. “Southern Traditions Clothing Company on Roswell Rd. is the main spot in Atlanta to find your classy Southern apparel.”

Juniors Lauren Flick and Corey Richards dress to impress.

You can even find prepsters among the Pace Academy faculty. Economics and English teacher Mr. Canfield is often seen sporting many of the trends, such as bow ties, canvas club belts, and a wild assortment of bright colors. “It’s a very clean look,” he said.

So what sparked the sudden influx of “prepsters” we’ve seen roaming the hallways and popping up on Facebook news feeds? “I think you can trace the source back to Pinterest,” junior Lauren Flick said. “I’m pretty sure ‘preppy,’ ‘monograms,’ and ‘sorority’ have their own separate categories.” Mr. Canfield has a different take. “This trend has been around for 40 years!” he said. “Fashion comes around in a circle, and now it’s simply coming around again.”

Top Ten Prepster Must-Haves

1. Monogrammed anything (necklace, water bottle, Nike shorts, the more the preppier)
2. Michael Kors wristwatch
3. A pair of Sperry Docksiders (wear without socks)
4. Southern Tide, Southern Proper, etc. T-shirts
5. A Lily Pulitzer day planner (or Lily Pulitzer anything, for that matter)
6. Longchamp tote bag
7. A large assortment of button down shirts
8. A classic pair of Tory Burch flats
9. Croakies for your sunglasses
10. A bow tie for special occassions

By Riley Muse, Staff Writer ’14

Photo: Riley Muse

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