Fresh from a successful retreat at Camp Skyline in Mentone, Ala. the students of the Class of 2016 are thrilled to start their Upper School careers on a high note. Freshman class dean Mr. Fleming described the trip as being “Terrific!” He particularly enjoyed watching the students connect with each other on the two hour bus ride to and from the camp.  Freshman Lauren Sullivan “loved getting to know the peer leaders and the new students.”

Freshman Kasia Omilian soars through the air on the retreat at Camp Skyline.

With 115 students, the freshman class is the largest the Academy has ever seen. In fact there are so many freshmen that they don’t all fit into the freshman section in the FAC, overflowing into the center section behind the seniors. Twenty-nine students of the 115 are new to Pace. New student Conor Pelletier said that his first day of school was “overwhelming, because my old school was much smaller, but everyone has been really nice.” Anneliese Camrud, also new to Pace, said, “I know at least one person in each of my classes from the trip.” Sydney Sommerville said, “I have really bonded with the new students. I feel like they have always been here.”

When asked what the biggest difference between Middle School and Upper School is, Nicole Shafer replied, “We have a lot more freedom in the Upper School, but with that freedom comes a lot of responsibility. There is a lot more homework, and making good grades is very important because they actually count.” Sydney said that she was most excited about Spirit Week. “I cannot wait to start decorating, dancing and painting,” she exclaimed.

Jacob Queller joked that “the seniors told me to go to the wrong classrooms on the first day of school. It was pretty embarrassing when I showed up to a junior math class.”

By Elizabeth Roos, Social Media ’14

Photo: Sara Eden

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