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Pace Strives for Sustainability

In a world filled with rapidly diminishing natural resources, most would agree that it is of the utmost importance to preserve what we have for generations to come. Pace’s newest class, Sustainability, taught by the fearless Scott Sargent, aims to do just that by constructing an eco-friendly structure. Mr. Sargent said, “Buildings use a lot of energy, a lot of natural resources, and are not always built in an environmentally friendly way. Sustainable building is more about building in a way that works for the economy, the environment, and the people.”

Students work hard to master principles of sustainability.

During first semester, students in the class learn about sustainable design and how to construct a comfortable yet energy sufficient home at a low cost. Junior Tripp Conrad said, “We have already had a few papers, but it is really interesting.” The students even got the opportunity to put their new knowledge to the test while asking questions of Sandy Cooper, the architect of the new Upper School, when he came to speak in assembly recently.

The class will begin the design process in late December. With financial contributions from Pace alumni, the Pace Parents Club and other supporters of the school, they will build their structure and then hopefully sell it so that the class will be funded again for next year. Mr. Sargent said, “You can find plenty of websites that have these little buildings that are a growing trend. Some people actually live in them.”

They plan to build the structure on a trailer or wheels so that it is easily transported, partly because of the construction that will be going on at Pace in the near future, but also to make it more attractive for sale. Besides the wheels, Mr. Sargent is leaving this project “open-ended” for the students. He wants them to apply what they have learned in class to build the most sustainable building possible. Mr. Sargent said, “In stage craft, I design everything and the students build it. In this class, the students get to design and build it.”

By Elizabeth Roos, Social Media ’14

Photo: Scott Sargent

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