How Does Pace Rate Our Teachers? a reputable source for information on Pace Academy faculty or an outdated, unserviceable website? Created in 2001, the website has compiled information and feedback on over eleven million teachers nationwide. The feedback ranges from formal positive comments like “Mr. Hornor is no doubt one of the best teachers at Pace. He does not sugar coat anything and as a result you become a better student for it” and informal positive comments like “T-Ho is the shiz-nit and don’t you say nuthin else” to excruciatingly negative comments like “Good person, bad teacher… I’m being generous.” The validity of these comments is up to the reader’s viewpoint. As Mr. Whyte said, “you only get the extremes,  both good and bad, on sites like this. For every bad comment there is a good comment, and likewise.”

“This website lost its relevance years ago,” said Mr. Gannon, “and it has gone the way of Myspace and” When shown the site, Mr. Hornor said, “This is like looking into a time warp because this site was heavily used by students three years ago.” This site has fallen in importance as a new site,, is currently the go-to website for information on college professors across the nation. is widely used by college students to find out which teacher is easier or nicer. They are then able to base their decisions on which class to take using this vital information.

But how do students give feedback to teachers at Pace Academy? Mr. Gannon said, “We care tremendously about that information. Institutionally we actively solicit it through the annual online teacher evaluations that every student writes about each of their teachers.” Also, students are welcome to give feedback to their deans, teachers, or department chairs at any time throughout the school year. While this site might be relevant for other schools, Mr. Gannon said, “That’s not the case here.”

By Andrew Harton, Staff Writer ’12

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