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Lace Up Your Skates, Hockey’s Back at Pace

Goals, saves, fights: the Pace hockey season is back! The team, much like the Atlanta Thrashers, has changed its jerseys, has relocated, and has changed its name. Due to a lack of players from Pace, the team has combined with Riverwood to form the Pace-Riverwood hockey team. What is the mascot, you may ask? Unfortunately, the team has no mascot, and the away jerseys are blue and white with the home jerseys colored an intense black and blue. There is no logo on the front of the jerseys; instead, it is blank.

With the new additions from Riverwood, the team is off to a great start to the season with an early 4-2-1 record, including close wins and close losses. The team had one of their most intense games in early November against rival Brookwood. The game was close from start to finish as well as chippy from both sides as a fight broke out in the final 30 seconds. Pace lost 9-7 in a hard fought battle and very questionable officiating.

The players will face off against Brookwood in early January and will likely provide more fireworks on the rink. Although there are only two Pace players this year with junior Jon Shingler and senior Jonathan Webster, the team still returned five players from last year’s state semi-finalist team. Star and fan favorite Miguel Mondragon returns to the rink for his final season in the Blue and White. Miguel has averaged around one goal and one assist per game in every season of his career.

The team has to move on from the Lambert era; Pace 2011 grad Greg Lambert was the team’s leading scorer for the past three seasons, finishing his career with 90 points, including an astounding 69 goals. His father Mark Lambert was the longtime coach of the Knights and he has also moved on. Coach Lambert led the Knights to the playoffs every year as well as one finals round performance in 2007 and four straight semi-finals appearances. Mr. Lambert won over 40 games as coach of the Knights and will be sorely missed. Coach Lambert has been replaced by longtime Pace assistant Greg Kulhman.

The Riverwood team also lost four-year starter in-goal Emory Schwall, and he has been replaced with goalie Josh Edelson. The team is currently in third place and in early November lost to the number one Starrs Mill team in overtime by one goal. The team has moved into a new division that plays the likes of Milton, Brookwood, Lambert, and Johns Creek.

This season provides a challenge to reach the ultimate goal of a state championship. It is likely that this is the last season for the hockey Knights, as the team may disband after this season. The players on the team are trying their best to bring home a championship and have the Pace hockey legacy go out on top

By Jonathan Webster, Sports Editor ’12

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