How Well Do You Know Your Teachers?

How Well Do You Know Your Teachers?

1. Has traveled to over 20 states playing in billiards tournaments
2. Received College of Computing Doctoral Dissertation award for thesis at Georgia Tech
3. Raised over $1,200 for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in the “Ride for Kids”
4. Played varsity football at Johns Hopkins
5. Taught and coached for three years at New York Military Academy
6. Enjoys pipe smoking with the Atlanta Pipe Club
7. Member of Georgia Forensic Coaches’ Association Debate Hall of Fame and coached team to 12 Class A championships from 1972-1984, including four All-State championships
8. Has played guitar for over twenty years
9. Teaches pet fish to speak French and Spanish
10. Won Most Outstanding Teacher Award at UGA and was an English teacher in Brazil
11. Was a Former Army Ranger training instructor with over 200 jumps
12. Earned Two Summa Cum Laude Bachelor of Theology degrees from South Africa schools after growing up in the Caribbean and UK
13. Served for four years in Marine Corps before playing football at University of Chicago and then professional rugby in Sydney, Australia
14. Taught English and history in Los Olivos, CA
15. Played Varsity baseball and football at Amherst
16. Education began in a one-room schoolhouse for K-8th grade students in rural Iowa
17. Worked for Mademoiselle, Marie Claire, and Cosmogirl
18. Researched malaria parasite at Tulane National Primate Research Center
19. Won a National Championship on UC Berkeley Lacrosse Team
20. Born in Taipei, Taiwan
21. Finished 6th in the Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championship
22. Degree in zoology and trains coonhounds
23. Developed a plan to recolonize the black bear population
24. Valedictorian and athlete of the year her senior year of high school
25. Served in Marine Corps in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during first Gulf War

Happy Matching!

1. Mr. Bradley
2. Ms. Smith
3. Mr. Hattori
4. Ms. Jordan
5. Ms. Marable
6. Mr. Sokolsky
7. Mr. Day
8. Mr. Canfield
9. Dr. Mengert
10. Mr. Hornor
11. Mr. Player
12. Ms. Tate
13. Mr. Matanes
14. Mr. Assaf
15. Mrs. Dickherber
16. Mr. Hall
17. Mr. Ballard
18. Dr. Brubaker
19. Mr. Gannon
20. Dr. Pontes
21. Mr. Sargent
22. Ms. Anderson
23. Dr. Pearson
24. Ms. Siegel
25. Mr. Carson

By Jeff Handler, Staff Writer ’13

See below for answer key…







1. Ms. Jordan
2. Dr. Brubaker
3. Mr. Sokolsky
4. Mr. Assaf
5. Mr. Canfield
6. Mr. Carson
7. Dr. Mengert
8. Mr. Player
9. Mr. Matanes
10. Dr. Pontes
11. Mr. Hornor
12. Ms. Anderson
13. Mr. Bradley
14. Mr. Gannon
15. Mr. Hall
16. Ms. Smith
17. Ms. Siegel
18. Mrs. Dickherber
19. Mr. Hattori
20. Ms. Marable
21. Dr. Pearson
22. Mr. Ballard
23. Mr. Day
24. Ms. Tate
25. Mr. Sargent

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