The Graduating Class of 2012’s Legacy

The annual "college shirt" photo. Credit: Lee Wilson

While most members of the senior class have made plans for next year that take us to new places all across the country, a small part of us will always remain here at Pace. There’s no denying that every senior class is full of pride, and the Class of 2012 is no different. There is an indescribable uniqueness about us, some rarity only our class possesses. The seniors will undeniably leave a deep void in the Pace community that will be hard to fill. Sophomore Kenny Selmon agrees, saying that his favorite thing about the senior class is “the unity. They always stick together no matter what.” While there may be some areas where the senior class has struggled, when you look a little below the surface we are a star studded bunch. This class has excelled in all areas, from the arts to academics to athletics. It’s no secret that many sports teams will have big shoes to fill next year and that future senior classes will be challenged to live up to our achievements in the fine arts.

In keeping with the Pace tradition, our college acceptances are truly exceptional. We’ve managed to juggle the stresses of Pace’s rigor and excel in our extracurricular activities — no small feat. We’ve made our mark on Spirit Week history, with a few dazzling skits and maybe a few kidnapping missions. We will all remember how, to the surprise of some, the night spent decorating the school and practicing our skit went unbelievably well. It was even fun.

However, what truly defines the Class of 2012 is our uncanny ability to push some boundaries and our unique character as a class. Reflecting on the blown-up toilet and the mass destruction in the cellar, Mr. Hattori said, “Y’all have an unparalleled ability to destroy your own property.” While this may be one of the most notable aspects of our class, we are so much more than that. As the last day of our Pace career passes by, it’s strange to think our time here is done. The cellar will be a foreign place to us belonging to future classes, and the desks in the high school will be filled with students whose names we do not know. Just as we move forward, so will Pace. While most seniors are ready to bid farewell and move on to the next stage of their lives, it’s hard to say goodbye to that which you know so well. The 86 members of the Class of 2012 have grown closer and have grown together, but it’s time to put Pace Academy in our rear view mirror.

By Claire Quintrell, Features Editor ’12

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