Senior Testimonials Preview

Senior Cameron Winders on the the floor of the Senior Cellar.

Each year around the beginning of May, on their last day at Pace, the seniors hold a testimonial session in the FAC, which, as a matter of fact, is scheduled for a few hours from now. However, it is rare to get an in-depth look into the hearts and minds of the seniors before this date, a feat The Knightly News managed to accomplish back in April.

A select group of seniors, singled out chiefly for their wisdom and renowned reputations, were discretely approached and questioned in the library concerning their time at Pace. This elite group consisted of Colin Barham, Naomi Guillaume, John Hoffman, Cameron Winders, Christine Chang, Brett Klugman, and Dana Rubin, all of whom allowed The Knightly News to get a preview of their upcoming speeches.

Colin began with an interesting, but rather concerning note, explaining that his “favorite Pace memory” dates back to ninth grade, when Mr. Micciche, the former physics teacher, was caught red-handed “sniffing glue during a test.” When confronted, the teacher quickly pledged that he would “give everyone bonus points” if they swore not to share what they had just seen. Colin also said that he would miss the familiarity that Pace brings as a small school, but that he would absolutely “not miss getting to Ms. Smith’s class early, all the time, in order to explain why he had not done his homework,” clearly a perennial occurrence in Colin’s high school career.

Next, Naomi said that her favorite Pace memory is when Jared Wasserman, class of 2011, called her “Naomi Gee-o-mee” during the National Honor Society assembly last year. When asked what advice she would have for freshmen, she quickly responded, “Don’t be afraid of Ms. Smith…she’s sweeter than she seems.” She then muttered under her breath, “She’s going to kill me for saying that.”

Naomi seemed to thoroughly enjoy the attention she was getting from this interview process, and was thus reluctant to give it up. As the interview transitioned to John, she forcibly snatched the question form and completed it for him. Apparently, John’s “favorite Pace memory” is “Rachel Jacob’s [love] song” that he made in Middle School, titled “There She Is.” John chimed in, asserting that Middle School was “an interesting stage in [his] life,” refusing to comment further. Hmm. His favorite class, again according to our credible source Naomi, was BC Calculus, “because Naomi was in it.” John also wishes he could have “remembered Naomi in Middle School” for something besides the fact that “she wore all blue, every single day” without fail. Naomi, notably, was interviewed in a blue sweatshirt. Finally, in response to what John “will miss the most,” he and Naomi compiled an exclusive group of five Pace students, “listed in descending order”: “Naomi, Christine, Jeff, Cameron, and Colin” (whose name was scratched out and then rewritten after some consideration).

Christine declined an interview, citing that “there is nothing interesting about her.” Everyone else at the table agreed. This brought the interview to Cameron, but bystanders Brett and Dana decided to follow the Guillaume model and fill out Cameron’s form themselves, leaving us with a very interesting, “yet absolutely true,” character profile of Mr. Winders. First, his “favorite Pace memory” is his “speech to [Class of 2011] McKenzie Berezin freshman year in public speaking…that’s how [their] love bloomed.” You’ll have to ask Cameron about this speech, as no further details were given. Next, his “funny Pace memory” is his “first grind dance” in seventh grade, with an added ; ) at the end. His imperative advice for rising seniors is that he “left them ‘something special’ in the cellar,” but that “they will have to find it themselves.”

So, as you can see, while you may envy the seniors’ final departure from high school later this afternoon, there are plenty of great experiences to be had, and memories to be made, right here at Pace so, as Colin stressed, “don’t let it pass you by!”

By Jeff Handler, Staff Writer ’13

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