Pace Camp

Photo: Sophomore Jordan Brown with a Pace camper Photo Credit: Ashley Stafford

During their sacred summer, most Pace students’ goals are to get as far away from campus as possible. However, there are a few students who choose to spend their summer earning some money as camp counselors at Pace Camp. This is the 40th year for the program, and each year it is dedicated to making summer a fun experience for students. It is not just Pace students who attend the camp, and that is the beauty of it. “Many of our counselors and campers are from Pace, but we have people coming from all over the Atlanta community, which is great”, said Mrs. Singleton, who is in charge of Pace camp, along with Ashley Stafford.

Mrs. Stafford worked at Pace Camp last year, but this will be Mrs. Singleton’s first time on the job. Both Mrs. Singleton and Mrs. Stafford interview the students applying to be counselors, and this year there will be Woodward, Walton, and Westminster students working at Pace Camp as well. However, according to Mrs. Singleton, most of the counselors still come from Pace. “Even though I haven’t been here long, what I’ve found is that many of our applicants are Pace students who worked at camp last year and want to return to the program this year. I think that says something about how great the camp is,” said Mrs. Singleton.

This is the second year as counselors for sophomores Alex Bussey, Alexandra McCorkle, and Morgan Brewton-Johnson. They wanted to come back this summer, because according to Alex, “it was such a fun learning experience working with the kids.” They also enjoy each others’ company. “We have the coolest staff and have so much fun together,” said Alexandra. Morgan said her favorite thing about Pace Camp is bonding with the kids and getting to have a relationship with them beyond camp. ” [Junior] Bria [Samuels] and I taught a cheer class and now we see some of our students around or outside of Pace and still speak to them,” she said. Senior Robin LaLone works with the Paceketeers, who are three and four years old, and this is her fourth year doing it. “I love working with the little kids! They are so cute and you can’t help but smile when you are around them!” said Robin.

Students heard about Pace Camp in various ways, some from a teacher or a coach, and others, like Morgan, were Pace campers themselves and wanted to come back and experience Pace Camp as a counselor. A typical day at camp includes meeting with the kids in the morning, then sending them off to their various classes and activities. (The counselors teach some of these classes.) At the end of the day all of the campers participate in a group activity, such as dodgeball or kickball. Some days are more interesting or hectic than others; last year a girl got upset during Drama class. “She ran away and I had to physically chase her around the Middle School until she ended up trying to climb the fire escape to the roof in a back stairwell, and I had to pull her off of it,” said Morgan.

By Natalie Camrud, Staff Writer ’13

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