Five Things to do Over the Summer

See number 5!

1. Shoot the Hooch – Getting a couple of friends together to raft down the Chattahoochee is always a safe bet for a fun time on a sunny summer day. You can start by dropping in at the Chattahoochee trail station on Powers Ferry and get out at the next major landing on Northside Drive/Cobb Parkway. The ride takes about three and a half hours as you move at a pretty slow pace, but it is fairly smooth, and there are places where you can stop and jump off rocks along the way, which is always a lot of fun. You can rent tubes from companies just by Googling “shoot the hooch,” but buying a tube from your local Walmart or Sports Authority pays for itself in about two trips.

2. See a Concert at Lakewood, Verizon, or Chastain Amphitheater – While this is one of the more pricey things to do, it is also one of the best. All of these venues are in the open air, which creates an awesome atmosphere to see a concert on a warm summer night. Chastain is probably the most accessible of the three, while Verizon and Lakewood usually host the more popular bands. Each venue has a packed concert schedule that runs all summer, so there are enough concerts that everyone can find one they enjoy. Regardless of which venue you go to, they are all a terrific time.

3. Go to a Braves Game – It’s hard to beat a fun day or night at Turner Field. Prices for tickets can be extremely cheap depending on where you want to sit; these bargain tickets make going to Turner Field a great group activity. Turner Field is only about 20 minutes down I-75/85, and the Braves play 162 games a year, which makes this one of the most accessible activities.

4. Hit the Pool – There are a bunch of pools around Atlanta. Some people have community pools, like the Chastain pool, in their neighborhood. For those who don’t, many Pace students have memberships at various clubs that have pools such as Capital City, Cherokee, or PDC. So call up your friends and get out of the Atlanta heat by cooling off at the pool for a fun-filled afternoon.

5. Go to Six Flags – While pricey and somewhat far away from the Pace area, Six Flags is one of the most fun things to do during the summer. Grab some cash, call up some friends, and spend a day riding the exciting roller coasters at Six Flags.

By James Walsh, Staff Writer ’12

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