Before you graduate…
– Break the library constitution: get caught with food.
– Be on stage to announce a championship win, for SAB, or to play a role in a musical.
– Shoot the hooch. Don’t get tetanus.
– Fall asleep in the library while basking in the sunlight in the arm chairs.
– Surround a TV in Inman to watch March Madness.
– Be called a sleaze by Ms. Smith.
– Talk to a teacher about something other than school.
– Strive for a five on an AP.
– Listen to Mr. Micciche’s music (
– Hide behind Dr. DuPree’s stage.
– See Mrs. Durlin’s Friday dance.
– Get swatted with the electric fly swatter by Canfield.
– Play a game of manhunt at Westminster. Bonus points if you go play while there are people there for school.
– Ask a question during Wednesday assembly.
– Date someone who was on your Data Match.
– Solve a PAPUBA email.
– Go crazy whenever Disco Pogo comes on to intimidate the other teams. (Or at least to weird them out.)
– Learn all about Big Trish in Mr. Matanes’s class.
– Take advantage of living in Atlanta: go to a concert, picnic in Piedmont Park, or see an exhibit at the High.
– Take an AP course.
– Pull an April Fool’s joke on your coach or teacher.
– Make every comeback, “Well, have you seen our debate championship streak?”
– Take part in the Gummy Bears war.
– Sign up for every club during Club Fair.
– Go so often that the people at Willy’s learn your name.
– Go on top of the Inman Center.
– Count the number of cockroaches you see in one week in the Upper School.
– Find out what the official name of the Upper School’s academic building is.
– Go with a special someone to “the spot.”
– Get a summer job.
– Give Ashley the trainer a flower.
– Get a 100 on a test.
– Go to as many senior nights as you can.
– Donate something to Canfield’s room.
– Ask for “noodles” instead of “pasta” in the lunch line.
– Join the polar bear club: go completely underwater in the ice bath.
– Go to Knight Gallery.
– Jump down the three stairs on the English hallway.
– Storm the football field after a win.
– Dance your butt off at a rave in the FAC.
– Go see Polly Atomic at a roller derby bout.
– Wait by the snack bar until they hand out free food at 3:30.
– Skip assembly to go to Chick-fil-A.
– Be quoted in The Knightly News.
– Sign up for a class where an iPad is required. “But mom, I NEED one for academic reasons!”
– Go to Mr. Smith’s birthday party.
– Go into a classroom during your free. See how long it takes the teacher to notice that you’re not one of their students.
– Go to a service project.
– Leave a note to a future student in one of the books in the library.
– Figure out if Mr. Hornor actually reads the outlines.
– Go to the zoo for APES.
– Sign in as a celebrity when the substitute passes around the sign-in sheet.
– Get called a child prodigy by Mr. Dorman (sarcastically or otherwise).
– Travel with people in your grade; for Global Ed, a special service trip, or senior spring break.
– Friend your teachers on Facebook.
– Get rejected by your teachers on Facebook.
– Get into college.
– Try to not cry at graduation.

By Grace Butler, Online Editor ’12

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