Baseball 2012 Finding Huge Success

The entire school has been fired up this season about the recent success of the baseball Knights. With Coach Hall taking the helm from legendary coach Charlie Owens, the Knights are off to their best start in five years. The Knights halfway through their season post an 8-5 record which included a 3-0 start.  The Knights have already beaten Wesleyan, Whitefield and the state runner up last year, Providence Christian. (The Knights lost to Providence Christian by mercy rule last year.) The improvement all around is very noticeable and can be attributed to the hard work by players in the off season. Junior Jack Bradford said, “Everyone has really bought into this season, and we all maintain the goal of playoffs. This season is completely different than last year. The mentality is that we have the ability to win every game on our schedule.”

The Knights have improved at every position and put their pieces together perfectly. The Knights have returned a few starters who continue to improve on the diamond. Even with the return of some key starters, there are new faces who have stepped in and done very well in their spots. Junior Jared Allen stepped in at third base this year and has provided a consistent glove and bat for the Knights. Once the seventh inning comes around, players and their fans know that the game is over when sophomore Jared Datoc, closer and shortstop, takes the mound.

The Knights’ most recent success was a blowout win over Whitefield over Easter/Passover break. With a few players traveling over the holiday, Coach Hall was able to play every single player on the roster, including two lights-out innings pitched by sophomore Wilson Alexander. The Knights’ biggest victory of the year so far came against Providence Christian. PCA came into this game thinking that there was no chance Pace could even come close to playing with them. The Knights took advantage of PCA’s cockiness and shocked them as Pace jumped out to a quick lead. Providence couldn’t provide a comeback against the pitching of junior James Seaman and the closing effort of Jared.  The Knights won the game 6-5, and that game will provide momentum for the rest of the season.

The hitting this year is much improved from last season as the Knights have scored many runs and have had numerous high scoring innings. If the Knights go down in a game, they can rely on their hitters to get them back in the game. With a solid mix of pitching and fielding, their success this season has been a complete team effort.

By Jonathan Webster, Sports Editor ’12

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