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5 Minutes with Annie and Zach, the Editors

The 2011-2012 Knightly News Editors, seniors Annie Riddell and Zach Lamb

Knightly News: So, how does it feel to finally be second semester seniors?
Annie Riddell: It is lovely.
Zach Lamb: That’s all you have to say?
AR: (laughs) No it’s great, it’s really great.
KN: Is it as easy as everyone thinks it is?
AR: Kind of. We still have homework but the workload’s a lot easier.
ZL: You definitely lose your momentum at some point, but it’s fun… You’ll see.
AR: Oh my gosh, yes, second semester has been the best semester of high school.
KN: So you both have been accepted into colleges?
AR: I’m going to UVA.
ZL: I’m going to Wake Forest.
KN: So what are you going to miss most about Pace?
AR: Ooh, that’s a hard question. I mean, I’ve been here since I was five… I guess probably my friends and my teachers, and the lovely Upper School building.
ZL: Yeah, I’d say my friends. I’m gonna miss Atlanta — it’s gonna be cool to live in a different place though; that’s what it’s all about.
KN: Have you guys worked well together? And what will you miss about each other?
AR: We have worked well together. We play a little good cop, bad cop (laughs).
KN: Who’s the good cop?
AR: Zach’s the good cop.
ZL: No, it’s been awesome. You guys will see. It’s tough at first. We didn’t really know what we were doing. We definitely grew and got better and got faster.
AR: Seriously, Zach, what are you going to miss the most about me?
ZL: Your lively personality… what you bring to newspaper, Annie.
KN: What made you guys want to even start newspaper?
AR: I wanted everyone to know what I thought (laughs). No, actually, I always loved reading the newspaper, so I decided to try out.
ZL: I mean I knew junior year I wanted to join. It sounded like a different and fun class.
AR: And it is, and everyone should try out because it rocks.
KN: Do you think you’re going to continue newspaper in college?
AR: Maybe! Depending on my schedule… It could be fun.
ZL: It’s been a fun experience for high school. I might — it’s a possibility.
KN: What are you guys most excited and most nervous about, thinking ahead to college?
ZL: The freedom. You’re on your own, and I guess I’m excited to see what that’s like. Just the whole college experience…the parties are gonna be awesome (laughs).
AR: Yeah, definitely freedom. I really want to just live on my own. I have two older sisters and I’ve watched them go to college for years and years, and I’m just really excited to do it myself. It’s different because I’ve gone to Pace forever, and it’s so small, but now I’m going to a big school. It’s weird to think about all those people, but I’m excited. It’s going to be fun.
KN: Do you think you’re going to study abroad in college, and if so, where?
ZL: At Wake they offer you a house in Spain or Australia, so I’d probably go to Spain. I went to Spain for spring break which was awesome, and I would definitely like to go back since we didn’t spend too much time in Madrid or Barcelona. They offer a program, which is another thing that attracted me to Wake.
AR: I think I definitely will. I spent a few weeks in Barcelona a few summers ago, and I think it would be really cool to go back. Or London. I think it would be really cool to live in England… I love England. I went on the Cambridge trip last year with Zach and it was awesome.
ZL: Cambridge! (fist bump)
AR: We spent a lot of the last few weeks of summer together.
KN: Was it a bonding experience?
ZL: Oh yeah.
AR: Totally.
KN: Any plans for this summer besides preparing for college?
ZL: Working, most likely. I’m working at Chick-fil-A now, but I kinda wanna quit.
AR: I’ll probably end up working. I’ll probably live at the beach for a while, and I think I’m going to Corsica, which will be fun!
ZL: Yeah, and hopefully we can get a senior grade trip going or something.
KN: Okay, so if you could go back and tell your freshman self one thing, kind of a cliché question, but what would it be?
AR: You know what’s hilarious, I actually found my letter that I wrote to myself in Peer Leadership from my freshman year, and I addressed it: “Dear Future Self (Rockstar).” I just said all these incredibly clichéd things, and I just sort of laughed at myself reading it. If I could tell myself anything, it would probably be, don’t take it all so seriously, because everyone ends up in the place they are supposed to be, everything works out, and everyone ends up happy.
ZL: Kind of on a more serious note, don’t take freshman year for granted, but at the same time, have fun. Really cliché, but high school will go by in a flash. That’s too cliché, but it’s so true.
AR: I can’t believe it’s the end of April. Having so few days of school left is really, really weird. And it’s exciting, but it’s really sad. I’m sad to be leaving.
KN: Will you ever come back and visit Pace?
AR: Yeah, I’ll be here the day after graduation (laughs). No, I will. I think I will. I think it will be weird when we all come back and the school is completely demolished and different. I’m worried it won’t feel like the same school we went to. Yeah, I’ll definitely come back. I love this place.
KN: Have any final advice for next year?
AR: Have fun with it, because you can make the newspaper your own. You can really do whatever you want with it.
ZL: Yeah, do what you want with it. You can completely change everything about it that we did, that’s cool. It’s y’all’s choice; it’s your paper now.
KN: Thank you!

By Natalie Camrud and Suzanne Monyak, Staff Writers ’13

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