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The Pace Pandas! [April Fools!]

Will we be getting a Kung Fu team too? Photo: Claire Quintrell

A school mascot is an important choice. It’s the symbol that gives the school its character and makes it different than the rest. The term mascot denotes any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck, and includes anything used to represent a group with a common public identity. Long, long ago the founders of Pace Academy chose the “knights” to be our valiant mascot. Characterized by honor, bravery, and chivalry, it’s clear those values have failed to define the Pace community. So, in a time with many more changes to come, the Pace administration thought a mascot change would be appropriate. Often the choice of mascot reflects a desired quality; a common example of this is the “fighting spirit,” in which a competitive nature is personified by warriors or predatory animals. After considering many excellent options like the Pace Porcupines, Parakeets, or Pigeons, they finally decided on the Pace Academy Pandas. The school decided the panda — lovable, furry, and cuddly — embodies Pace sports teams more than any other. Athletic Director Kris Palmerton said, “Holy Innocents’ has their Golden Bears, Ole Miss has their Black Bears, now we have our Panda Bears!” The mascot is often boldly displayed on school sports wear and memorabilia as well as in areas like the gym. Pace will have to undergo extensive repainting and redesigning, but administration believes that it’s money well spent to become the Pace Academy Pandas.

By Claire Quintrell, Features Editor ’12

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