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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas? [April Fools!]

The teachers having a blast in Vegas! Photo: Mariam Dvalishvili

Every year Pace students have time off in March to rejuvenate and relax during the all too short week of respite known as Spring Break. The trips range from staycations in Atlanta to kayaking in South America, but for many, this week is undoubtedly the highlight of the spring. What students typically don’t think about is how their teachers spend Spring Break.

One of the more interesting trips taken by Pace teachers this year was no-holds-barred trip to Las Vegas. Dr. Brubaker, Mr. Fleming, Mr. Matanes, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Whyte wanted to go on an all-guys trip in order to let loose and have some fun. “We don’t really hang out outside of school, so this trip was a chance for us to get to know each other better and bond a little,” said Mr. Whyte. The teachers wanted to have what Mr. Fleming described as “a transcendental experience, but instead of going to the woods, we thought Vegas would be more interesting and frankly a little more wild than the woods.”

The group went to Vegas for the weekend, and decided to stay at Paris, an upscale hotel located on the strip, but because of the high rates the guys had to split one room. “It wasn’t that bad; there were two big beds and enough pillows for Gus to make himself a bed on the floor,” said Mr. Matanes. Mr. Whyte had never been to Vegas before and was amazed by all the flashing lights and immense buildings. “The hotel was quite beautiful and it looked just like Paris. We all had fun strolling around and shopping together that first night,” he said. “Gus needed some guidance in Vegas,” said Mr. Fleming, “for example, he was constantly offered free drinks, and he almost took one. Luckily, I stopped him in time. Who knows what fate might have befallen him otherwise?”

The teachers spent the first day looking at the famous chocolate fountain at the Bellagio, enjoying all the fish at the Mandalay Bay aquarium, and visiting Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. “Vegas isn’t really that great during the day,” commented Dr. Brubaker, “but once the sun goes down, it’s a party.” The teachers wouldn’t give too many details about their evening on the strip, but according to Mr. Smith, “everyone woke up with huge headaches, except me, though, because I don’t do that sort of thing.” The next day was more low key; the teachers hung out by the pool and worked on their tans. “Mr. Whyte got quite a nice even tan,” said Mr. Fleming, “I admit I was a little jealous at his ability to not burn.”

The teachers received a pleasant surprise when they ran into Mrs. Durlin on the trip. “It was a complete shock to see her there, she was even wearing one of those pink boas they give you. It was great, though, because we stopped and had lunch with her,” said Mr. Matanes. Mrs. Durlin said she was there on a vacation with an old friend and that she was just as surprised to see her Pace colleagues there.

Later on the men spent the last night seeing the Blue Man Group, which they all enjoyed. “The performance was so perfectly symmetrical, it made the whole experience much more enjoyable,” said Mr. Smith. All in all, the teachers had a great trip and got a chance to relax, just like their students. Dr. Brubaker said about the trip, “I had a really fun time with the guys and felt that I really got to know everyone better. I’m already looking forward to spring break 2013.”

By Natalie Camrud, Staff Writer ’13

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