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TAOS to Tour with Drake [April Fools!]


Pace graduate TAOS, or The Architect of Sound, has found himself in the big leagues of the music business. It has just been announced that TAOS will be opening for the rest of the shows on Drake’s Club Paradise Tour. When Drake arrived at the decision to drop his previous openers, A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar, Drake stated, “TAOS’ music has got something real about it. He’s one of the most forward-thinking rising artists I’ve seen recently. I first heard his two songs on Myspace music and was astounded.” He added, “The man’s got style, too. Red suspenders and fingerless gloves? That’s just timeless.” When asked whether he was concerned that his opener only has two songs, Drake said, “TAOS is all about simplicity, and what could be more simple than a ten minute set? He’s a genius.”

The tour has not announced an Atlanta tour date, however there are some rumors floating around about a secret show at a mysterious venue called the “FAC.” Drake and TAOS fans have been diligently researching this mysterious venue, but to no avail. Meanwhile, fans of the original openers are outraged. “Who is this cellphone-wielding noob?” reads one comment in the tour announcement thread. “We need to get the other acts back A$AP!” reads another. Representatives of TAOS have announced TAOS’ rebuttal to the outrage: “Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me.”

Though there is a fair share of outcry over this announcement, TAOS fans have been rejoicing. Junior Jeffrey Jones could not be more enthusiastic about TAOS’ big break, stating, “TAOS is a personal hero to me, and I’m so proud of him for accomplishing this. I’m thinking about taking some time off from school to support TAOS and be in the front row of every show.” Despite the haters, Pace Academy can be instilled with a new sense of pride now that Pace graduate TAOS has his claim to fame.

By Annie Armstrong, Staff Writer ’12

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