Senior Eric Estroff in statue form. Photo: Mariam Dvalishvili

Every senior class presents the Academy with a gift to show their gratitude and leave behind a symbol of their contributions to the institution which hopefully prepared them to venture into the real world. These gifts are usually pretty standard: a bench here, a table there, or the occasional conceptual work of art for the gardens. This year’s senior class, however, has had difficulty deciding on a special enough gift to give Pace to represent the uniqueness of the class. For months the parents and students discussed possibilities, ranging from a pet koala to an outdoor pool on top of Pace Mountain. A few weeks ago, the grade finally reached a consensus, settling on a life-sized 14K gold statue of senior Eric Estroff. The statue is already constructed and is currently being shipped from China. “This whole college thing just really isn’t gonna work out for me, so I offered to be the gift, for like the first semester of school…but my parents weren’t too happy about that, so this was the next best option,” said Eric. As suggested by Mr. Canfield, the statue will replace the rock sculpture which currently stands in front of the FAC.

By Mariam Dvalishvili, Graphics and Design Editor ’12

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