Given budget cuts, senior James Walsh will help field maintenance until he graduates.

In a recent decision made by Pace’s Board of Trustees, the school will need to cut funding for the four most expensive sports teams: football, basketball, tennis, and lacrosse. Due to chronic overspending, Pace’s athletic program has failed to meet its yearly budget for the last four school years, respectively. Since 2008, Pace has been ordering new training equipment for the weight room and paying to have the basketball court re-waxed, the tennis courts maintained, and the lines painted on the lacrosse field, all coupled with its hiring of a larger coaching staff. These measures have propelled the school’s costs far beyond reasonable amounts. The inability to finance the teams partly arises from the massive amount of funds allocated to the new Upper School, which is set for ground breaking in the summer of 2013.

The spending cuts mean big changes for Pace sports. While the school hopes to meet its new budget, it will have to sacrifice all the mentioned perks. In addition, students will have to start pitching in to help. This means that Pace will most likely be holding monthly fundraisers, including bake sales and car washes, for new equipment. The school has already stated a need for several more lacrosse bounce backs along with spare nets for basketball goals. Moreover, athletes of the respective teams will be asked to come in on the weekends to cut grass, line fields, and wax the courts. Head of Upper School Mike Gannon has agreed to award service hours for this work.

Finally, smaller things like Friday night football games will be done away with, as the electricity to power the lights is surprisingly expensive; this means no more “KNight Zone!” Despite opposition among players, the Board hopes to introduce a new tradition: Saturday morning football games.

By Jeff Handler, Staff Writer ’13

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