No Yearbook This May [April Fools!]

Junior and yearbook staffer Emily Pair hands junior Brianna Cochran an old yearbook but with a new date. Brianna, a new student, is outraged that she will not be featured in the yearbook.

This year, for the first time in Pace history, the yearbook will not be coming out this May. After the yearbook server crash last month that wiped out more than half of the yearbook’s layout pages and photos, editor Eric Estroff sadly reported that the staff will not be able to redo everything in time. “Our staff worked so hard to get all of their pages in on time — it’s a shame that all our work is lost,” he said. The staff was unsuccessful in their attempt to recover all of the lost work immediately after the crash, and it was determined that it would be impossible to recreate an entire semester of work. “Our class deserves a better yearbook than something we threw together at the last minute,” said senior Jenna Mitchell. There has been talk of sending out a yearbook over the summer, but nothing has been confirmed yet. “We all have different plans for the summer — it would be difficult to plan meetings and contact students for quotes,” explained editor Jennifer Smith.

The editors plan to issue a formal apology to the Pace community, but they stressed that the 2011-2012 year will not be forgotten. On the last day of school before exams, the staff will distribute card stock stationery for students to sign and write messages on for one another. “It’s really the signatures and farewell messages that are the most meaningful in every yearbook,” said staff writer and junior Emily Pair. Pace students, however, appear to be less forgiving. Junior Jared Allen expressed his outrage over the situation. “This is ridiculous!” he said. “Why should the students suffer from the yearbook staff’s mistakes?” he demanded. “They should have been backing those pages up! It’s completely unacceptable,” added senior Glen Harris.

Mrs. Castleberry, the faculty adviser for yearbook, attempted to address concerns about the yearbook staff’s performance this year. “It’s not fair of me to ask these involved Pace students to donate every weekend to making this yearbook come together. Computer glitches happen — we just have to show our character members of the Pace community and make the most of the situation,” she said. The senior class is especially disappointed. “I’ve always seen the senior pages filled with baby photos and photos of the first day of school and dance recitals, and I’ve always looked forward to seeing my own senior page. I can’t believe I’ll never get to have one,” said senior Kitty Cook. Hopefully next year, the yearbook staff will learn from its mistakes and produce a yearbook that compensates for this year’s disappointment.

By Suzanne Monyak, Staff Writer ’13

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