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No More Spirit Week [April Fools!]

Senior Kate Kolbinsky works it during Spirit Week 2012.

The announcement of a new high school building sparked rumors and questions regarding what will become of Pace’s most cherished tradition. The week-long event that pushes boundaries and can be somewhat destructive has students wondering, will Spirit Week be allowed to continue after the coming school year? The answer is no. Mr. Day said, “After reaching this crossroads we decided that now is the right time to do away with Spirit Week. The negative has started to outweigh the positive.” Mr. Gannon added, “Decorating the current high school is one thing; decorating the new one is something entirely different. After spending this much money on an improved place to learn, the administration doesn’t think it prudent to leave it at the will of the student body.”

Most students think that Spirit Week has been an element of the Pace Academy experience for too long to just be tossed aside. Some teachers share this viewpoint and are reluctant to see Spirit Week go, but Ms. Smith thought differently. She claimed, “Spirit Week is the root of all evil. I’ve waited too long to see it gone.” The students, however, appreciate that Spirit Week is almost exclusively student run, making it something they alone control. Senior Eric Estroff declared, “Spirit Week is the best thing about Pace, and without it we will just turn into another Lovett or (God forbid), another Holy Innocents’!” Many believe the younger classes of the Academy are being robbed of an exclusively Pace experience. Freshman Lauren Hadley said, “I can’t believe I will only get two Spirit Weeks! I feel so deprived.” Sophomore Evelyn Hobbs said, “I don’t even see the point in coming back to Pace once we move in the trailers.” The nature of Spirit Week has evolved with the school in the past, and it should be allowed to adapt to the newest and most important change the school has seen in many years. Besides, who actually wants to have real school the first week back from Christmas break?

By Claire Quintrell, Features Editor ’12

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