Better Have a 97% GPA… [April Fools!]

Junior John McCrea is denied entry to Inman.

It’s official. A minimum GPA requirement has been imposed to enter the Inman Center. If a student wants to study or work in the Inman Center during their free periods they must have at least a 97% GPA. Recently students and administrators alike have been complaining that the usually studious environment in the Inman Center has become too loud and rambunctious, and students are not able to study. Senior Robert Jones said, “It’s so annoying when I see [seniors] Theo Levine and Simon Wu and all those guys running through the Inman Center yelling and breaking stuff…I mean it’s ridiculous. I’m just trying to get my homework done and now I’m kicked out of there. This is unbelievable.” Senior Bentley Lellyett agreed, adding, “We are going to be living on our own next year. These guys behave more like 4-year-olds in preschool than 18-year-old intellectuals who are going off to college next year.”

Now the hangout place is the ARC, or Academic Resource Center. The ARC offers a huge space where all the grades can hang out. “I’m looking forward to hanging out in the ARC; there is plenty of room and you’re always allowed to talk as loud and as much as you want, plus Mr. Callahan and I are buds,” said junior Khalil Nevitt-James.

Dean of Students Jonathan Day had this to say about the new policy: “It’s unfair that everyone must suffer for the poor behavior of a few; Pace is an academic institution and it needs to be treated that way.” Students are hopeful that their peers who through their poor judgment have cost the entire school a valuable privilege will be able to change their ways and act more in line with their fellow members of the Cum Laude Society and its president, Jonathan Webster.

By James Walsh, Staff Writer ’12

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