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Oct. 17, 2009, a young Liverpool fan cost his beloved team a point in the standings of the Barclay’s Premier League, England’s top soccer league. Senior Alex Miller, only a 15-year-old boy from Druid Hills at the time, had randomly become a die-hard Liverpool fan. Much like a fair-weather fan who likes the Knicks for two weeks when Jeremy Lin breaks out, Miller went from indifferent to avid fan in a couple of days. However, Miller is different than your average fair-weather fan; he is an all-weather fan. He has followed the Liverpool Reds through rain, snow, racism, terrible trades, bankruptcy, and pretty much a complete and total failure of a sports franchise, à la the Montreal Expos or the Atlanta Thrashers. Miller to this day will argue with anyone and everyone defending his Reds, an honorable and remarkable feat. While some may see this as ignorance or just plain stubbornness, what really lies within is the true love for an English soccer team by a young American boy who lives in the southern United States where soccer is treated like the plague. He had never been to a Liverpool game before this one, or to Liverpool at all, for that matter.
So how, you ask, can a fan who loves his team intentionally ruin the team’s chances to win or tie? Well, Miller is still in denial to this day about the incident. He did not mean to ruin Liverpool’s chances. He was so innocent. Caught up in the moment amongst all of his Reds-loving brethren, Miller began to pass a beach ball around the stadium with all of his “chaps” and then it took a bad turn. Miller, having the time of his life, smacked the beach ball and before he knew it, the ball was on the field. Things went from bad to worse, when the soccer ball ricocheted off the beach ball straight into Liverpool’s goal, causing them to lose 1-0.

And so the day lives in infamy, the day Miller, a young American boy from Druid Hills, ruined Liverpool’s chances to gain a point against Sunderland, a mediocre team, and contributed to their terrible finish of seventh place in the Premier League. Good thing he does not live in the UK. “Miller would definitely be dead by now if he went to school in the UK, like at St. Andrews or something,” said senior Connor Perkey. But hey, stuff happens to the best of us. Maybe Miller can move in with Steve Bartman; they seem to have a lot in common.

By James Walsh, Staff Writer ’12

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