The crowds are coming out in droves to see the famed Pace golf team in action.

Senior Cameron Winders steps up to the tee and the crowd is hushed with anticipation. Even the squad of golf cheerleaders fall silent. One swift swing of his driver and the student section goes nuts. Boasting 300 fans per match, golf has become Pace’s number one spectator sport. “I’m not really sure why the sudden increase in student support, but we’ll take it,” said boys head coach Mr. Player, “I’m glad that people finally understand the thrill of golf.” Even though the fans must remain completely silent for 90% of the match, Pace students are flocking to Pace’s home course, Bobby Jones, like sheep. The fan turnout has even gotten so wild that Pace has had to hire security to come to the matches to protect the players.

When asked why golf has such a draw, sports enthusiast and junior Joey Kimmel said, “Tennis is boring and makes me dizzy. All you do is watch the ball go back and forth. Basketball gets stuffy because it’s indoors. Football has so many rules, it’s hard to follow. But golf? That just never gets old.” Fans don’t discriminate between boys versus girls golf, either. Golfing senior Margaret Worrell said that the new influx in fans is “overwhelming but welcome. The whole team definitely appreciates the new opportunity to show that golf takes skill just as much as any other sport!” She added, “The support certainly scares the other teams and I haven’t shot a single hole over par in weeks.” A mystery indeed, but the Pace golf obsession appears to be a growing frenzy.

By Annie Armstrong, Staff Writer ’13

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