It's gonna be a bumpy ride! Photo: Taylor Esler

While driving to school, Pace juniors and seniors often feel disgruntled by the obnoxious number of speed bumps plaguing the drive down to the back parking lot. Senior Ally Eisenberg explained, “There are way too many bumps in the driveway, especially on the way in. Those yellow ones are especially brutal.”

While students gripe about these yellow bumps of death, parents have written Mr. Assaf asking for more precautions, saying students still drive too fast on the school campus. Pace mom Laura Butler weighed in, saying, “I’m afraid the side of my car will be taken off by the students flying down the drive. More speed bumps would slow them down and reduce the possibility of wrecks.” Student drivers insist, however, that this is not the case. Senior Josh Baron commented, “I’m only trying to get to school on time. I have to drive really close to the carpool moms because there isn’t much room, but no one is getting into wrecks.” Similarly, junior Sara Mullally complained, “The driveway is too narrow. Pace should really spruce up the hill by widening the drive and getting rid of those bumps.”

Despite complaints about the rough ride into school, Pace plans to increase the number of speed bumps. Mr. Assaf insisted, “Adding these safety precautions will keep people and their cars safe and in one piece, which is what everyone wants.” The plan is to add five more yellow plastic bumps, placed end to end, on the hill, and two more closer to the bottom. There is a petition circulating through the student body protesting these speedbump additions. Spearheading this effort is senior Cal Harris, who said, “Students should have a voice in the matter.” The petition already has 86 signatures, the size of the entire senior class. Students are hopeful that Mr. Assaf will respond to their outcry, but so far, he has no plans to do so. “We can’t compromise student safety. If we can get parents and students to agree, then we can start to talk about removing some of the speedbumps. Until then, they are here to stay.”

By Taylor Esler, Managing Editor ’12

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