5 Minutes with Baiza Cherinet

Pace funny-man Baiza Cherinet sits down with KN. Photo: Baiza Cherinet

Knightly News: Alright, so how are you doing, Baiza?
Baiza Cherinet: I’m doing wonderful, how about yourself?
KN: Great, thank you. So you’re a sophomore right? How’s sophomore year going?
BC: It’s awesome, really, really awesome. Loving it. Except Ms. Smith’s class.
KN: Does she get you for dress code?
BC: Oh yeah, all the time. She hates my skirts.
KN: So I’ve heard you’re in the chorus and you love to sing.
BC: Yeah, you know. It’s a habit.
KN: …so yeah, beyond singing I’ve heard you’re quite the beat boxer.
BC: I beat box occasionally, that is true.
KN: I would love for you to beat box for me, but I don’t know how I’m going to put it in the paper.
BC: Yeah, that’s what I was about to say. Uh, I can beat box and you can like write “boom boom shoom shoom.”
KN: So when do you beat box?
BC: Just whenever…in the shower a lot…in class. I’ve gotten in trouble for beat boxing in class a lot. Just whenever there is nothing to do.
KN: When the mood strikes you. So I have something to ask you on a personal note. You made quite the declaration of love a few months ago here at the Academy. You asked…
BC: Who was it? I don’t even remember.
KN: Wow, you don’t even remember who you asked to be your Valentine? Claire Quintrell?
BC: Oh that.
KN: Yeah. How did that work out? How was the date?
BC: I don’t know, I’m not supposed to tell anybody. This is getting pretty personal. I mean, when I tell you I was doing the most…I was. I went all out — got her flowers, a car service picked her up with a chauffeur and stuff, did some fine dining. I took her to the Olive Garden.
KN: Nice. Really, really fancy.
BC: Yeah, great service.
KN: Service is important.
BC: Yeah, it was awesome, I think she enjoyed it. A little dinner, a little dancing.
KN: Any beat boxing?
BC: A little of that. I don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about that. Afterwards, I took her back to the crib and, uhh, watched a movie.
KN: Sounds like quite the evening. So what is the best thing that’s ever happened to you?
BC: In my life as a high schooler? Probably my Valentine’s date with Claire Quintrell. That, or the Red Sox winning the World Series.
KN: Twitter or Facebook?
BC: Twitter, absolutely! I mean, I don’t use it as much as Facebook, but Twitter is addicting. Twitter.
KN: What is your Twitter name?
BC: @DroptheBaiza
KN: Alright, tell me a joke.
BC: OK, Knock Knock.
KN: Who’s there?
BC: A bunch of carpenter bees that I hate because they are getting frisky all over the campus.
KN: Good, keep it current. Would you rather: shave your head or go Sisqo platinum blonde?
BC: Definitely Sisqo, that’s more my style. Probably record a song like him.
KN: I’ll look out for that. So you play soccer?
BC: Yeah, yeah, as of right now I’m on JV.
KN: Alright sophomore, pretty respectable.
BC: Yeah, I love soccer, it’s the best. Everyone should come out to our game — oh wait, that’s actually going to be in the past. Alright, everyone should time travel back and come back to this day in history to our game today on the hill at 4:30 because we’re going to rock it.
KN: Oh, for sure. So who would you bring on a desert island?
BC: From Pace Academy? I mean, am I allowed to make a third mention?
KN: Of who?
BC: Claire Quintrell. Definitely. That’s my boo thing.
KN: And who else?
BC: Let’s see…who’s integral? Alright, this is getting really personal. I would bring her, Mr. Doyle to entertain me with music, oh wait — it’s a desert. Claire Quintrell is out of the question. I need somebody resourceful.
KN: Yeah, you need to get strategic, here, Baiza, you’re going to be dead in five minutes thinking like that.
BC: OK, who is the most strategic…Uhhh, this is so hard.
KN: Desert island, Pace Academy, three people. Go.
BC: I would bring Ms. Smith because she would be like a road map, she would tell me what to do and I would be able to live in the desert. Annie Riddell so we could do awesome interviews all the time. And carpenter bee repellent! And I would bring Mr. Bradley to protect me from all the animals on the island. Okay, Ms. Smith, Mr. Bradley, who’s a funny person? Other than myself…I would clone myself and bring myself as my third person.
KN: Great idea. Thanks so much for your time Baiza!

By Annie Riddell, Co-Editor-in-Chief ’12

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