Alexus Davis on left, Mackenzie Kelly on right.

At the start of every school year, many new students join the Pace Upper School family. Most of these new faces belong to the freshman class, and they almost always come in August. There are usually a few students who join after freshman year, but a second semester arrival is very rare. Alexus Davis and Mackenzie Kelly are unique in that both joined the sophomore class in January of this year.

Mackenzie moved to Atlanta on Jan. 8 from New York, where she lived an hour out of the city and was neighbors with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Mackenzie said that she chose Pace because “it was most like my old school in New York and I wanted something sort of familiar.” Mackenzie said that she has been pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the Pace community. “The Southern hospitality thing really exists,” she said, “I haven’t had to open a door since I got here; it is so different in New York.” So far, her most embarrassing moment has been when she dropped a full plate of food in the cafeteria in front of everybody, and Mr. Canfield handed her a mop and made her clean it up. Mackenzie said that she has met plenty of people, and has become friends with sophomore Katie Lucke, who “acts like a New Yorker, but not in a bad way.”

Alexus Davis joined Pace from the Darlington School, a boarding school in Rome, Ga. Alexus said that she came to Pace so that she could focus more on dance. Alexus started dancing when she was 11, after taking a hip hop class and really enjoying it. After her very first dance class, the teacher wanted her to join the competition squad. She said that the adjustment to Pace has been easy because “everyone is so nice and welcoming.” So far, her favorite teacher is her dance teacher, because “he is so fun to be around and always makes dancing a fun experience.” Alexus teaches dance to little kids every day after school at the Becky Jones School of Dance.

By Natalie Camrud, Staff Writer ’13

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