Sir Winsalot strikes a formidable pose with Coach Palmerton. Photo: Kris Palmerton

Pace mascot Sir Winsalot does not seem to be too popular at the Academy lately. He has not made an appearance at a game since last school year. Unfortunately, students are not pouring in to sign up for the job. “We’ve always relied on the student body to do that, like cheerleaders, basketball players, tennis players, but we haven’t had anyone volunteer for it,” said the distraught Director of Athletics, Kris Palmerton. Some students don’t seem think much of the actual design of the suit, though it cost Pace a pretty penny to have “The Wizard,” a retired costume designer for Disney, develop it. “He’s an ugly knight. He looks so immature. It looks like a robot,” said sophomore MaryLiles Fiveash.

Sir Winsalot became the official mascot figure in 2007, the year football was added to the roster of the Academy’s athletics program. A teacher took the initiative to take up the sword first and passed it on to the student body after setting high standards for his successors. Taylor Johnson, Class of 2010, can easily be named the most dedicated mascot the Academy has seen; he wore the armor not only during his high school career but also a few times after graduation. Though a few students have tried to take on the job after Taylor, no one stayed for too long. Coach Palmerton has offered an enticing incentive to the student who takes the challenge of becoming the next school mascot: an all expense paid trip to Mascot Camp, either in Athens, Ga. or Auburn, Ala. in order to prepare for the daunting task of representing the Academy. Until this brave individual steps forward, the suit will remain stored in Sir Winsalot’s den, the location of which Coach Palmerton was not willing to share.

By Mariam Dvalishvili, Graphics and Design Editor ’12

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